JOURDEN is a Hong Kong based high-end fashion label started by Anais Mak, and was a 2015 LVMH prize semi-finalist. They are a small team trying to balance between designing and producing collections, and developing brand awareness.


Despite amassing a large amount of industry and fashion press contacts, for most of the time the team focused on designing, producting and delivering their product to stockists. This left little time to keep JOURDEN’s contacts up to date on the brand’s progress and achievements.

While a marketing assistant for the brand, I was charged with coming up with a solution for keeping the label’s contacts up to date. Mailing list solutions like MailChimp weren’t avalaible at the time, so a more analogue method had to be developed.


  • Create a system that can send mass newsletter updates that does not require subscribing to a e-newsletter service.
  • Create specialized emails targeting fashion bloggers.